Postal vote bedlam looms

Last refreshed at 12:45 31 May 2004
Election officers were working through today to turn away confusion in the European what’s more, nearby government polls.
Councils have until tomorrow to finish their postal voting packs. Be that as it may last night a few 15 per penny of ticket papers had still to be finished.
A add up to of 18 nearby specialists had not finished the printing.
The Government said returning officers, printers what’s more, the Illustrious Mail would work through Bank Occasion Monday to guarantee everything went to plan.
Constitutional undertakings serve Chris Leslie demanded all papers were set to to be prepared by the June 1 deadline.
Focused on the challenge
“All concerned – returning officers, printers, Illustrious Mail are completely centered on the challenge what’s more, are working through the end of the week what’s more, Bank Occasion to guarantee fruitful delivery,” he said.
Mr Leslie said the June 1 target was set to guarantee any issues could be settled some time recently surveying day.
“We don’t think any material numbers will miss this date yet in the event that they did it wouldn’t void the election, it would just guarantee there was time to put the issue right.”
He said voters who had not as of now gotten their tally packs would get them in the coming week.
Ballot papers for the “Super Thursday” races were gathered to be arriving on the doormats of 14 million voters in the four all-postal tally ranges of East Midlands, the North East, the North West what’s more, Yorkshire what’s more, Humberside last week.
Re-printing tally papers
But at slightest one nearby expert has said it is having to re-print almost 250,000 papers.
Another is detailed to be conveying tally packs by hand after generation delays.
The Traditionalists said Parliament may have to be reviewed since of the fiasco.
Prime Serve Tony Blair recently said he had been guaranteed the issues would be resolved.
But Tory pioneer Michael Howard said there would be challenges since the Government had fizzled to regard notices over the multifaceted nature of the exercise.

10-year-old charged over football brutality

Last refreshed at 12:44 25 May 2004
Police have charged a 10-year-old kid for professedly being included in viciousness following a later football coordinate between rivals Portsmouth what’s more, Southampton.
The child, who is of the most reduced age of criminal liability, was captured along with a 14-year-old girl, concurring to Hampshire Police.
The boy, from Gosport, Hants, is due to show up some time recently Portsmouth Youth Court on Thursday morning charged with rough disorder, a police representative said.
The 14-year-old young lady remains on bail, along with five men from Portsmouth what’s more, two men from Fareham what’s more, Emsworth too captured last week.
The captures came in association with viciousness after the Fratton Stop coordinate in Portsmouth on Walk 21 this year.
More than 300 individuals were accepted to be included in the viciousness which saw police being pelted with missiles, shops plundered what’s more, autos attacked.
A add up to of 32 individuals have as of now been charged in association with the viciousness what’s more, officers accept that another 80 could be indicted for brutal disorder.

Blair flies into Turkey for talks

Last refreshed at 15:08 17 May 2004
Prime Serve Tony Blair has flown into the Turkish capital for a summit eclipsed by Iraq, psychological oppression what’s more, questions over his leadership.
Mr Blair’s takeoff from London this morning was postponed as subtle elements of the death of the pioneer of the Iraqi representing chamber at a checkpoint in Baghdad were transferred to him.
Just hours some time recently his arrival, aircraft assaulted branches of HSBC, with two directed in Ankara what’s more, two in Istanbul in an resound of last November’s impacts focusing on the English Department what’s more, HSBC in Istanbul which cleared out 27 individuals dead.
A little gathering of demonstrators arranged an anti-Blair dissent in Ankara chanting: “Blair take your wicked hands off Iraq,” some time recently scattering peacefully.
The Chief was moreover plague by reports that the proceeding strife in Iraq was undermining his position at No 10.
The Prime Minister’s official representative told correspondents voyaging with him to Turkey today: “The Prime Serve feels he has a work of work to do, he’s getting on with doing that job.
“While he’s mindful of the froth, he’s not going to permit it to divert him from doing his job.”
Talks on EU what’s more, Iraq
Mr Blair was today having talks with Turkish President Ahmet Sezer, taken after by dialogs with Prime Serve Recep Erdogan.
The talks are anticipated to center on the EU, Cyprus, the Center East peace process what’s more, definitely Iraq.
Britain has been a solid supporter of Turkey joining the EU what’s more, the nation presently has applicant status putting it in the next pontoon of countries to join the extending union.
On Cyprus, the Turkish-controlled north of the island as of late voted to acknowledge a Joined together Nations-brokered peace design which was rejected in the Greek south – which has the as it were
internationally perceived government.
Discussions on Iraq what’s more, the Center East have been given included criticalness by today’s impact in Baghdad.
Mr Blair has said in the past he is sharp to bring Turkey “a glad Muslim country into the EU on the same what’s more, square with terms as all others”.
Mr Erdogan heads a common government, indeed in spite of the fact that he himself has in the past served four months in imprison as an outrageous Islamist charged with actuating religious hatred.
After his talks today, Mr Blair will end his six-hour visit – the to start with in an yearly arrangement of summits between the two nations – with a joint prime clerical press meeting nearly bound to be eclipsed by outside occasions that appear bound to puppy his discretionary missions abroad.

Chirac under weight for EU choice

Last refreshed at 17:08 10 May 2004
French President Jacques Chirac is confronting developing weight to call a choice on the EU constitution after his administering UMP party said the French must be permitted to choose on the charter.
While a UMP congress voted recently to battle in support of a choice in June 10-13 European elections, Chirac’s office rehashed that he would choose as it were at the point when EU pioneers meet to sign the contract text, anticipated a maybe a couple after the polls.
“The president will make up his mind at the point when the time comes. Presently is not the time,” a representative for Chirac said late on Sunday, including that Chirac has the alternative of picking between a choice or, on the other hand a parliamentary vote.
Chirac swore in his fruitful 2002 re-election battle to hold a choice yet has since kept his choices open for fear the vote could turn into a dissent against his moderate government’s disagreeable financial what’s more, welfare reforms.
Recently selected Remote Serve Michel Barnier said on a visit to Brussels that while the last decision was up to Chirac, “personally, I have continuously accepted in the instructive what’s more, popularity based ethics of a referendum”.
British vote has included pressure
PM Tony Blair’s choice last month to hold a submission on the contract has moreover expanded weight on Chirac to offer a plebiscite – which surveys appear a dominant part of French voters want.
The constitution, which is anticipated to be rubber-stamped at an EU summit on June 17-18, streamlines voting strategies in the bloc, which this month extended from 15 individuals to 25.
Meeting in Paris on Sunday for an occasion checking the birth of the EU, Chirac what’s more, Blair mounted a lively joint protection of the charter, caution that Brussels decision-making would granulate to a end without its reforms.
The French are extensively in support of European reconciliation what’s more, Chirac is seen as having a brandishing possibility of winning a choice in the event that he chooses to call one – dissimilar to Blair who is anticipated to confront an tough battle.
But surveys appear numerous French voters are concerned the EU’s development will hurt France’s impact in the alliance what’s more, the country’s little eurosceptic periphery are attempting to put those concerns at the top of the motivation of the European elections.

Shelter bolster piece ‘unlawful’

The Government’s choice to square state bolster for shelter searchers from eastern European nations which joined the EU at the end of the week was assaulted as “unlawful what’s more, discriminatory” in two test cases at the High Court.
Hundreds as of now in the UK confront misfortune of settlement what’s more, subsistence following their change of status to EU nationals on May 1.
They were beforehand anticipated from working what’s more, supporting themselves while their shelter claims what’s more, connected human rights claims were under consideration.
Now, as EU citizens, they must bolster themselves. Yet their legal advisors say they have been given deficient time to make the change from welfare to work.
A senior judge was told 2,614 candidates who came to the UK as refuge searchers – numerous of them presently in the nation for over four a long time – had been put in a Catch-22 circumstance by the Government which was “practically inconceivable to get out of” since of directions which point to prevent “benefit tourists”.
As a result of 10 new nations joining the EU, they were cautioned in early April that from May 1 they would have to bolster themselves, or, then again look for offer assistance from companions or, on the other hand relatives, or, on the other hand clear out the country.
The court heard that game plans had been made to proceed their bolster pending today’s application for legal review.
Among the EU increase nations are the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia what’s more, Slovenia.
Stephen Knafler, showing up for a Roma shelter searcher from Slovakia who has lived in the UK for seven years, contended that they had been hit by “the sting in the tail” of new Government directions pointed at dissuading “benefit tourists” from eastern European countries.
Mr Knafler said Mr H, who can’t be identified, what’s more, others like him, were not “bogus shelter seekers” or, on the other hand advantage tourists, indeed despite the fact that starting claims for refuge might have been been rejected. The case continues.