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On one side of the contention was the showy Hugh Cecil Lowther, the fifth Earl of Lonsdale, a sharp English landowner whose endeavors were bringing a few arrange what’s more, conventionality to the once bare-knuckle brandish of boxing.
He was moreover a organizer of the National Wearing Club, what’s more, it is here that the two sprawled in rich calfskin easy chairs as they sparred, with words not fists.
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His aggressive adversary was from the other side of the Atlantic, John Pierpont Morgan, a second-generation New York agent whose worth was measured in billions of dollars.
A huge man, he had huge shoulders what’s more, a bulbous, purple nose.

And what these two tycoons, one from the New World, the other from the Old, were debating was not a few matter of legislative issues or, on the other hand reasoning or, then again religion.
Not indeed regardless of whether the King’s horse would beat an American challenger in the Derby in the coming year.
It was a hogwash argument, of no genuine significance: could a man walk round the world what’s more, not be identified?

Lonsdale kept up it could be done, yet Morgan – maybe impacted by the reality that his extensive what’s more, distorted nose made him troublesome to miss – said it was impossible.
He was arranged to wager $100,000 on it – 20,000 at the at that point trade rate – proportional to a few million pounds today.

Sitting adjacent what’s more, tuning in to their mounting outrage with each other was an Englishman named Harry Bensley, not in the same alliance as Lonsdale what’s more, Morgan, yet still a rich man by most standards, with a good looking salary of around 5,000 a year from ventures in Russia.

Harry was a bit of a rebel what’s more, a womaniser, and, with time on his hands, looking for an adventure. He couldn’t resist. He took up the American’s wager.

According to mainstream accounts, that is why on January 1, 1908 – precisely one hundred a long time back recently – Harry Bensley stood in Trafalgar Square with a knight’s protective cap on his head to cover up his confront what’s more, his hands resting on a baby’s pram, two augmentations to the unique wager that were presently being demanded upon.

A huge swarm had assembled to witness his send-off, alarmed by stories in the newspapers.
Even the regal Times daily paper had revealed the wager what’s more, everybody was agog to know who “The man in the press mask”, as he came to be known, truly was.

But hiding his personality what’s more, pushing a pram were just two of the numerous odd conditions that had been concurred on on the off chance that Bensley was to get his reward.
He was permitted to spend a whole “not surpassing 1 on getting ready photos of himself in his protective cap what’s more, with his pram, what’s more, flyers depicting his odd venture to offer to the inquisitive along the way. He would have to live on the cash he raised.

The flyer clarified that to win the bet, he had to call at four towns in each province in Incredible England – 172 in all – what’s more, get the mayor’s signature affirming to his visit.
Then he must travel to indicated towns in 17 remote countries, in North what’s more, South America, Australia what’s more, New Zealand, South Africa, India, France Spain, Germany what’s more, so on.
For garments he was permitted one suit, one shirt, one undervest, one match of pants, one jersey, one cloth what’s more, “one mask”, a reference to the four-and-a-half-pound protective cap he had acquired from an old suit of reinforcement what’s more, which he had to wear at all times while in public.

Another condition stipulated that he ought to “find a spouse on the journey”.
How the pram what’s more, the spouse entered into a wager that had initially been essentially about obscurity was just another of the peculiarities in this unusual tale.

At 10.30am sharp – another of the stipulations – egged on by well-wishers what’s more, the simply curious, Bensley, the puzzle man, set off.

It was not hard to track a man in an press veil what’s more, there is absolutely confirm of his wanderings, though, curiously, most of them appear to be in the south of England.

In the summer of 1908 he was captured at Bexleyheath in Kent for offering his postcards what’s more, leaflets without a licence.
The nearby equity of the peace requested him to take off his veil but, at the point when Bensley clarified why he could not do so, the judge relented, fined him half a crown (121/2p) what’s more, sent him on his way.

The famous Press did its best to recognize him what’s more, one paper was said to have advertised a 1,000 compensate to anybody who could uncover the truth.
A inn maidservant stowed away under his bed to attempt to see his confront at the point when he took off his veil to sleep, yet he found her in time.

Apparently Bensley at that point continued on his travels, iron-clad what’s more, pushing his pram, for the next six-and-a-half years.
He “ticked off” the English towns, at that point a few in America what’s more, Australia, what’s more, was in Italy in 1914 at the point when World War I broke out.

He had, he claimed, trudged 30,000 miles what’s more, had another 7,000 to go, yet at this arrange he all of a sudden chosen to call off the bet.
He needed to return to England to join up what’s more, fight. J.P. Morgan was dead anyway what’s more, it appears his agents shut a bargain with Bensley for 4,000. The puzzle man’s trek was over.

But the 64 million dollar question is just how much of this incredible Odyssey was as a matter of fact conveyed out?
Was much of it, in fact, invented? Bensley guaranteed he met Edward VII at Newmarket, yet there is no photographic confirm of what would have been a amazing experience between a lord what’s more, a “knight” with his visor down.

Bensley was moreover gathered to have had a minder who went with him all through his journey, be that as it may the name of that partner is unknown, indeed despite the fact that he was regularly imagined next to the Veiled Man.
Nor is there any confirm of all those mayoral marks that he was required to collect.

It appears odd as well that on the off chance that he did in fact cross seas what’s more, wildernesses with a head protector covering his confront that his section shows up to have gone unrecorded.
Did the Press in 40 English regions what’s more, 100 remote urban areas from Adelaide to Yokohama just get exhausted with this story to the point of falling flat to say it?

As for the wife, he guaranteed to have gotten 200 offers of marriage amid his travels, a few from titled ladies, yet he declined them all. It is more likely that he had one spouse – what’s more, potentially more – some time recently he left.

And this week new questions risen as to regardless of whether indeed the premise of his exceptional travel is true. Harry Bensley passed on in 1956, penniless, in a little level in Brighton.
All his cash had gone, his ventures – on the off chance that he as a matter of fact ever had any – lost in the Russian Revolution.
He worked in lowly-paid occupations as a film doorman, a lodging warden, what’s more, in a weapons industrial facility amid World War II.

Just some time recently his death, he was followed down by an ill-conceived son, to whom he admitted that much of the story that had entranced individuals for a long time was untrue.
He had not daringly taken up the challenge as a bet. On the contrary, his exceptional travel had been a forfeit.

Bensley had played a diversion of poker against J.P. Morgan what’s more, Lonsdale, had lost heavily, couldn’t pay up what’s more, confronted imprison or, on the other hand the discipline they conceived – going round the world in an press mask.
Rather than being a triumph of eccentricity, his travel had been one of shame.

As for that travel itself, in spite of the fact that there is confirm of him voyaging around England offering his photographs, a maybe a couple of which have turned up in people’s memorabilia, there is no sign that he ever cleared out the country.

Ken McNaught, his (illegitimate) great-grandson – what’s more, the child of the man who followed Bensley down – said this week: “There are bounty of postcards of him in this country, yet none I have seen from abroad. Since no one knew who he was, he could very effectively have gone on living here without anybody knowing.”

McNaught what’s more, his family are still trusting to piece together Bensley’s developments in those missing years. McNaught said: “Harry may have been a rebel what’s more, a trickster, be that as it may he was still an astounding man. We just need to find out the truth.”

The truth may well be that Harry Bensley was an Arthur Daley figure who took one chance as well numerous what’s more, finished up as the toy of two plutocrats.
They set him off on mission outlandish but, to Harry’s credit perhaps, he shows up to have turned the mock they proposed to his advantage.

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