Edgy? No, we’re very loose roosted on a 530ft drop

Much nearer to the edge of the disintegrating chalk bluffs at Beachy Head what’s more, these four companions would not have delighted in a incredible bargain more of yesterday’s sunshine.

They sat roosted at the top of the 530ft drop unwinding what’s more, getting a charge out of the sees as the country luxuriated in sublime climate amid the to begin with official end of the week of spring.

In the South of Britain temperatures topped 16C (60F) indeed higher than the Spanish coasts.

Don’t look down: The gathering appear loose sitting just inches from the monstrous drop at Beachy Head
Beachy Head is determined from the French words meaning ‘beautiful headland’ what’s more, the name has been connected to the extend of drift in East Sussex since the 16th century.
Yet the excellence spot has too had a Or maybe horrid notoriety as a suicide area since the 17th century.

Around 20 individuals pass on each year by bouncing from the cliffs.

A chaplaincy group routinely watches along the top while the Samaritans philanthropy has introduced a phone box to their call focus there.
Beachy Head close Eastbourne is a emotional part of the drift expanding 530ft above ocean level

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