Stupid UK ‘heading back to the Dim Ages’ much appreciated to clique of celebrity, says senior Tory

England dangers entering a new Dull Age since the clique of big name is undermining learning, a senior Tory said yesterday.

Liam Fox cautioned the texture of society was under threat, with the ‘age of reason’ going into reverse.

The protection representative said a era back youngsters needed to be space explorers or, on the other hand researchers – presently they essentially need fame.
‘Since the Renaissance what’s more, the Enlightenment, the age of reason, we have changed our world,’ he said.
‘But there is a emergency of confidence, an vulnerability what’s more, a need of positive thinking in our society which ought to inconvenience us.

‘Diminishing social mobility, the clique of the VIP society, the decay in genuine learning, the expanding slight for experimentation what’s more, social demeanors skirting on value-phobia debilitate to cast a shadow on the edified western radicalism which has taken us so far.’

Dr Fox, who is seen as the guardian of the Thatcherite flame, communicated caution about the crumple in the numbers contemplating science at university.

And he assaulted Labour’s advancement of political correctness, which he contended was undermining free articulation what’s more, thought.
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‘We can’t permit the age of reason progressively to move into reverse,’ he said.
‘There are those who nearly appear so anxious of causing offense to anybody that they lean toward to express no values whatsoever.’

Delivering the yearly address for the think-tank Politeia, Dr Fox contended that a few accept the legitimacy of their sees is decided by the quality with which they hold them, Or maybe than any reference to facts.
He said utilize of the word ‘whatever’ implied never having to say you’re stupid.

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