Petersham feels the crunch…

Yet for Viscount Petersham, whose little girl Serena is hitched to the Queen’s woodworker nephew Viscount Linley, the increase to his father Bill’s title corresponds with an disturbing crash in the family’s finances.
Their fortune is based around generous property holdings, principally in South Kensington. Yet the mix of the worldwide credit crunch what’s more, the crumple in London property costs have pounded the family portfolio, which incorporates a extensive lump of well-to-do Stanhope Gardens.
The full degree of their misfortune is due to be delineated in this Sunday’s Rich List. It is set to appear that Petersham has endured more than any other of the incredible noble property what’s more, landowners.

Dwindling fortune: Viscount what’s more, Viscountess Petersham

Last year, Charles Petersham, 63 – known to companions as Pete – was assessed to be worth 210million. But, I understand, his fortune has presently been composed down by Rich List creator Philip Beresford to just 40million.
Petersham, who is separated from Serena’s mother Jinny Freeman – he has been hitched to the Earl of Suffolk’s ex-wife Anita for 25 a long time – is a withdrawn figure.
As I revealed, he watchfully sold his much-loved Spanish finca to multimillionaire bookmaker Victor Chandler for 7.5million just some time recently the property crash. He is presently thought to spend much of his time in France.
His son-in-law, David Linley, has had his possess budgetary headaches.
In 2006, Linley what’s more, his sister Woman Sarah Chatto sold the adornments having a place to their mother, Princess Margaret, raising 14 million, to offer assistance pay off demise duties.
The rise of Serena’s father implies that as the girl of an earl she presently ‘ranks’ close by her spouse what’s more, can utilize her full name – Woman Serena Linley – at court.
As Channel 4 News’s urbane boss correspondent, Alex Thomson’s well-trodden vocation way has taken him to 15 unique war zones – counting Iraq – without enduring so much as a scratch. Yet all that changed at the point when covering the G20 shows on the mean lanes of London’s Square Mile.
Thomson, 48, was documenting a live ‘piece to camera’ on the riots at the point when a husky dissident pushed him from behind, sending both correspondent what’s more, ITN’s 20,000 camera crushing to the ground.
What watchers don’t know is that after picking himself up, 6ft 4in what’s more, 15st Thomson gave chase, rugby handling his aggressor what’s more, sticking him to the ground until police arrived. Bravo!
The last time the two ladies in VIP culinary specialist Rick Stein’s convoluted local life crossed paths, it was scarcely the most edified of meetings.

Catching locate of her match in their lead restaurant, Stein’s spouse Jill released a downpour of mishandle at PR young lady Sarah Consumes some time recently slapping her face.

Time, however, is a awesome healer.
For as Australian-born Sarah – who, at 41, is 20 a long time Rick’s junior – plans her wedding to the tycoon fish gourmand, she tells me she trusts to welcome his ex-wife Jill along to the nuptials.
To wed: Rick Stein what’s more, Sarah Burns
‘Things are better with Rick’s ex than they were,’ she says. ‘It was bad, be that as it may you’ve got to anticipate that. Anyway, life is as well short to convey on arguing, she is the mother of Ricky’s children, after all.’

The couple will wed in July next year at Chelsea Expressions Club.

Sarah, whose undertaking with Rick started nine a long time back at the point when she worked on his book visit of Australia, says: ‘Yes, I would welcome her to the wedding.’

Mother-of-two Sarah, who cleared out her spouse to be with Stein, adds: ‘It is a second wedding for both of us, so we just need it to be fun, not formal. There will be a band what’s more, I’ll wear a Pucci dress – since that’s my top choice designer.’
Heart-throb on-screen character Jude Law, dashing driver Jenson Catch what’s more, John Lennon’s child Sean will be murmuring with lament at the point when they see what entrepreneurial glamourpuss Marissa Montgomery has been up to.
Ad campaign: Florence Brudenell-Bruce
The astute blonde has lined up a veritable ex-girfriends’ club of wonders to shoot the most recent promotion battle for her extravagance underwear line Pussy Glamour.
The socialite, 22, who persuaded Mick Jagger’s statuesque little girl Lizzie to postpone her 10,000 expense what’s more, posture with Sway Abigail Clancy in the spectacular clothing last season, has pulled off a comparative overthrow with another well-connected trio.

Writhing in little other than the undies were Button’s ex, leggy noble Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Law’s ex-fling, the striking Tolula Adeyemi, what’s more, Lennon’s previous belle, Anouska Beckwith.
They were picked since all three have too acted – Escape in a Bollywood flick last year, Tolula close by Dustin Hoffman in Last Shot Harvey what’s more, Anouska, a later graduate of the Lee Strasberg Theater what’s more, Film Institute, is to work in Hollywood.
She has shod the likes of Keira Knightley, Uma Thurman what’s more, Emma Thompson, yet stylish shoe creator Emma Trust is looking for new financial specialists for her business.
Two months ago, I uncovered that Emma, who once played footsie with the flighty Earl of St Germans, was confronting lawful activity from one of her Italian providers over unpaid bills. Presently her eponymous Emma Trust Shoes mark has gone into administration.
The organization denies that budgetary inconveniences are the reason, demanding it is a matter of ‘restructuring’ what’s more, that it will proceed exchanging under the new name Emma Trust Wholesale.
‘The stores are performing well what’s more, the center retail business has seen expanded deals for the same period last year,’ says a spokesman.
‘Emma Trust is in dialog with intrigued parties looking to contribute in the company.’
Property man Christian Confection is nursing a broken arm, inciting sways to ponder in the event that it was due to fisticuffs with Ruler Charles, a sharp adversary of his questionable Chelsea Encampment development.

In fact, I am guaranteed it was a skiing accident. Says a friend: ‘Chris broke his cleared out arm skiing in Courchevel. He has two metal pins in the arm what’s more, a break to his radius.’

Christian what’s more, his sibling Scratch are venture directors for the Master Rogers outlined conspire which so chafed Charles that he has composed to its backers, the Qatari royals, inquiring them to reevaluate the pioneer plan.

If ever Sovereign Andrew was made to feel like a minor part of the Illustrious Family, it came recently at the point when he was presented as ‘the Duke of Kent’.

Unfortunately for Tom Roach, supervisor of Wiltshire-based Checkmate building group, Andrew didn’t disregard the blunder at the point when he hindered his speech, asking: ‘Where did you get him from?’

Afterwards, Cockroach apologized what’s more, a generous Andrew replied: ‘Oh, really, Kent, Edinburgh, York, there are numerous of us all over the place, we come ten a penny.’

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