Muslim ‘refused work since of his name’ denounces aircraft managers of racism

A Muslim airplane terminal laborer has charged aircraft Cathay Pacific of bigotry after he was declined a work meet as it were to be advertised one at the point when he connected two days afterward utilizing a counterfeit white British-sounding name.

Algerian-born Salim Zakhrouf connected to Cathay Pacific for a work as a traveler administrations officer at Heathrow Airport.

Mr Zakhrouf, 38, who has lived in England since 1991 what’s more, is a UK citizen, was told by email he had not been chosen for interview.

But applying 48 hours afterward as ‘Ian Woodhouse’ with an indistinguishable CV what’s more, home address, he was welcomed for an meet by the same work force officer who had to begin with declined him.

A irate Mr Zakhrouf, who has 17 a long time customer-service encounter what’s more, works as a Heathrow flight dealing with agent, declined to attend.

Instead he called his union, Unite, which plans to bring a case denouncing Cathay Pacific of racial segregation to an work tribunal.

Within three hours of The Mail on Sunday reaching the airline, Cathay Pacific’s UK Head of Showcasing Roberto Abbondio called to apologise.

He faulted an ‘administrative error’ as staff attempted to process 709 applications what’s more, said Cathay was looking into its enrollment process after a case he depicted as ‘unfortunate what’s more, disappointing’.

Cathay Pacifics UK Faculty Director Alison Loftin moreover at that point messaged Mr Zakhrouf to apologize what’s more, to orchestrate a meeting with her.
Mr Zakhrouf, who is hitched with a 19-month-old daughter, told The Mail on Sunday:

‘Its exceptionally peculiar I as it were gotten a appropriate reaction at the point when you got in touch.
Cathay Pacific: The carrier put the choice down to an ‘administrative error’
‘After the way I was treated I have no want to work for Cathay.

‘The way they dealt with my application was supremacist what’s more, unfair.

‘I have connected seven times for employments at Cathay in the past three a long time what’s more, I have been rejected each time.
‘This has been a extremely offensive encounter what’s more, will make me extremely vigilant of applying for occupations in future.’

Unite local officer Balvinder Bir said: ‘We have counseled our specialists on this case.

‘We take these matters extremely truly what’s more, will be giving our part our full support.’