What is Jeremy Clarkson up as well now? Top Adapt group go indeed crazier in new series… be that as it may can they beat last year’s watcher record?

They have beforehand driven from Switzerland to Blackpool on a single tank of diesel what’s more, once attempted to change over a Dependent Robin into a space shuttle.

Memorably, they were too pursued out of a town in Alabama after being assaulted with stones by a posse of rednecks.

But as these pictures show, it appears nothing has prevented the brave what’s more, fiendish moderators of Top Adapt for the new arrangement of the mainstream motoring show.

Wacky: A new arrangement of Top Adapt returns to our screens tonight. What’s more, it appears Richard Hammond, James May what’s more, Jeremy Clarkson will be just as brave as before
Bizarre: As part of the new series, the trio take to Africa. In this scene they are imagined on a pontoon in the Nile

Difficult: James May what’s more, Richard Hammond battle as they take this Volvo 850R Bequest over the Nile on a raft

Sporty: The new arrangement sees the Top Adapt group head to Twickenham, the home of English Rugby Union, for a diversion of rugby… in cars! This appears a auto rugby line-out

Fun: Clarkson, May what’s more, Hammond appear to have a splendid time pursuing an huge rugby ball around in their cars
Series 19 of the world’s most famous auto appear begins on BBC2 this evening what’s more, it appears Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond what’s more, James May are looking to go further than ever before.

The new arrangement will see the trio go on a street trip over the U.S., from the Nevada betray to the Mexican outskirt in a few Or maybe gaudy what’s more, costly cars.

They will moreover take to the home of English Rugby Union for a Or maybe fierce looking diversion of rugby in autos – with a police auto acting as the referee.

Other pictures discharged ahead of the new arrangement appear the fun-loving trio on a pontoon in the Nile what’s more, the young men with a ‘pensioner car’ in front of a retirement home.
Hilarious: In one scene of the new series, Jeremy Clarkson was spotted driving up London’s Stop Path dressed as a robot riding on an adjusted portability scooter. It is reasonable to say he didn’t look as well pleased

Cheeky: The Top Adapt Retired person Auto is imagined in front of a retirement home

Mischief: With its wide windscreens, Hammond what’s more, Clarkson drive the retired person auto through a town in one episode

Tasty: Richard Hammond is imagined sat in the boot of a Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon getting ready dinner
A trailer prodded by the BBC too appears Jeremy Clarkson driving a auto while being mock-attacked by a plane overhead, what’s more, Richard Hammond dashing through a muddy-looking backwoods with an rocker tied to the rooftop of his car.

Now in Arrangement 19, it appears the young men will require to be as far-fetched as ever in arrange to break their claim records.

Last year it was the second most observed programe on the iPlayer. Maybe not surprisingly, it was as it were beaten by the Olympics.

Glamorous: The trio take an SRT Viper, left, a Lexus LFA, centre, what’s more, an Aston Martin Vanquish, right, over the U.S. In this scene they are imagined driving through Nevada

Spectacular: The scene of Nevada looks shocking at the point when set against the noteworthy cars

Tough: In arrangement 19, the young men will require to be as far-fetched as ever in arrange to break their claim records

Popular: Clarkson, Hammond what’s more, May drive their costly autos through Las Vegas at night. Last year , Top Equip was the second most observed programe on the I-Player, beaten as it were by the Olympics
Tonight’s scene will see Jeremy Clarkson endeavor to construct a tiny car, some time recently he tests it on the avenues of London. He at that point pitches his thought in front of the Dragons’ Den.
James May takes a Bentley Mainland GT Speed energizing what’s more, British-born Country star Damian Lewis takes the Sensibly Estimated Auto for a spin.

Top Equip is the world’s most generally observed accurate TV programme.
Rough treatment: A extravagance (and Or maybe expensive) Bentley Mainland GT Speed is taken off street at a rally occasion in one episode
On the road: James May looks somewhat exasperates while altering a Volvo 850R Bequest in Africa
Adventurous: As well as going by Twickenham, the trio too take a Portage Colt GT600 to Wembley Stadium
Well-travelled: Jeremy Clarkson drives a Portage Bronco GT600 through Calais in France
It begun in 1977 as a traditional motoring magazine appear yet since a major relaunch in 2002 it created into the eccentric what’s more, funny appear of today.
It has an huge following around the world with an assessed 350 million sees per week in 170 unique countries.
As well as getting boundless recognition for its introduction what’s more, assortment of ideas, it has too gotten feedback for its in some cases dubious what’s more, politically off base commentary.

Stars: Richard Hammond, left, Jeremy Clarkson, centre, what’s more, James May, right, are imagined advancing the new series

Bizarre: Richard Hammond stands next to a Pagani Huayra stopped on the Top Adapt test track with its doors, hat what’s more, boot open

Travels: Richard Hammond what’s more, James May take to the Milan Metro at one point

Odd: They too take a Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon, Volvo 850R Bequest what’s more, BMW (E39) 528i Visiting outdoors in Africa

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