Stamp Bennett’s bookThe Incredible Bookie Theft tells how father Beam got away with $14m

The Incredible Bookie Burglary of 1976 is one of the most infamous equipped burglaries Australia has ever known. It is too one of the most intriguing, with certainties obscuring together with wild gossipy tidbits to make it indeed more incredible as time passed.
Ray Toss Bennett was the plan behind the burglary what’s more, presently his child Check has composed a book The Awesome Bookie Burglary about it all. Part true wrongdoing what’s more, part family biography, the book sheds new light on one of the most puzzling equipped burglaries in Australian history.
Mark was as it were five a long time old at the time of the robbery, yet it was something that influenced his family for decades to come.
His book points of interest the notorious heist that took put at the point when a pack of six men with machine firearms took just 11 minutes to loot the Victorian Club in Ruler Street, Melbourne, of around $14 million (reported authoritatively as as it were $1.5 million to maintain a strategic distance from examination by the taxman), on April 21, 1976.
The 118 calico sacks stolen from the bookmakers were jam-packed with untraceable notes, there were too records concerned with medicate running what’s more, cash laundering, Check told Day by day Mail Australia.
The data was implicating for a wide assortment of officials. I do have to appreciate him (Ray Bennett) to an degree despite the fact that he was continuously included in the criminal world. He was the man behind the greatest burglary in Australia. It was well arranged what’s more, executed.
At this organize at the point when he was developing up though, Check had no sign that the criminal plan behind the greatest heist in Australias history was his dad.
I had no thought that Beam was my father. My mother had an undertaking with him, yet it was kept calm for years. I was told afterward in life 31 a long time of age that I was Beams son, what’s more, I had a DNA test to demonstrate this, he said.
Over the a long time Id hear things about it all through my family as I was developing up, so I begun to put parts of the jigsaw together.
Theres a million little things that my moms told me about him over the a long time as well as other individuals in the family.
‘He was lovely dreaded at the time. He was one of Australias most bad-to-the-bone hoodlums what’s more, spent a parcel of time in jail. Yet he was too insightful what’s more, had to be to design a burglary of this kind.

The hold-up was precisely arranged to correspond with a time at the point when bookies would be settling for races held over Easter.
At the time the Victorian bookies were warped what’s more, corrupt. This kind of burglary was going to take put sooner or, then again later. It was as it were a matter of time regardless of whether my father did it or, on the other hand somebody else did, Check told Every day Mail Australia.
And it wasnt just the bookmakers that were degenerate police, government officials what’s more, the horse hustling world were degenerate too. Tragically in the fallout of the burglary it was my father that copped the brunt of it.
Different figures have been tossed around, be that as it may it is generally thought that the posse were capable to take $14 million million a huge whole for 1976. It was the greatest burglary in Australian history at the time.

Officially the figure cited was as it were $1.5 million, yet this sum was as it were conceded to the police by the Australian Move Club as they dreaded that guaranteeing a bigger sum would pull in undesirable examination from the impose office.
The criminal world knew the true sum what’s more, who was behind the nervy burglary though. Bennett before long moved toward becoming the target of other dreadful black market figures what’s more, degenerate police who all requested part of the tremendous haul.
Friends what’s more, family utilized to swim a part at the nearby waterholes at Blackwood or, on the other hand up the Murray River, Check explained.
Our families delighted in the occasions what’s more, taking the time to swim what’s more, appreciate themselves, as there was a parcel going on then.

Family what’s more, companions kept exceptionally close to the crew, what’s more, had proceeded to meet up with Beam what’s more, the rest of the team at different camp destinations around Victoria.
But in a turn that was as stunning as the burglary itself while being escorted by police from the holding cells to Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, following an captured on an minor charge in 1979, Beam Bennett was taken up a flight of stairs into the way of a man camouflaged as a barrister.
The man shot Bennett three times in the chest murdering him. Its long been asserted since that it was an sorted out hit with the offer assistance of bowed cops. The executioner was never brought to justice.
It was about three a long time since Ray, Norman Lee (Mark’s uncle) what’s more, the rest of their group had pulled off the burglary what’s more, were proceeding to maintain a strategic distance from the police what’s more, the media,’ Stamp said.
They had to avoid the Toe Cutters, a Sydney-based posse that utilized to coerce the continues from black market packs that did outfitted robberies too.
‘Ray too had to fight with the Kane siblings (hardened hoodlums who too needed a piece of the pie) what’s more, degenerate police officers.
But at the time Beam was in remand for two charges a minor weapon charge, what’s more, an equipped burglary on the Bond weaving process in Yarraville, taking A$70,000.
He was escorted into the court by two police officers that flanked Beam as he drawn nearer the courtroom. They discharged the binds what’s more, strolled off.
Rays child Des my half sibling was sitting outside the court with the rest of the family, what’s more, bears witness to that he heard the policemen debilitate Beam some time recently the shooter shot him what’s more, ran out of the courts unhindered. In spite of the nearness of so numerous police officers.
No-one was ever imprisoned or, on the other hand indicted for the Incredible Bookie Theft so it remains actually an unsolved crime.

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