Simon Danczuk’s ex-wife Sonia Rossington says girl considers he’s a ‘dirty old man’

Simon Danczuk’s to begin with spouse today debilitated to change their daughter’s surname since the 13-year-old considers her MP father is a ‘dirty old man’ for sexting a 17-year-old girl.
Sonia Rossington, 40, who was hitched to Mr Danczuk until he cleared out her for ‘selfie queen’ second spouse Karen, 32, has said he is a ‘thoroughly terrible man’.
The MP, who has battled against youngster abuse, has been suspended by Work after he shelled Sophena Houlihan with ‘horny’ messages saying: ‘You need me to punish you?’
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An ‘appalled’ Ms Rossington has said their little girl ‘is not much more youthful than the young lady he needs to “spank”,’ what’s more, their child George, is 18 what’s more, getting bother at college since of his Danczuk surname.
In a further blow today the MP’s second spouse Karen, who he had two youngsters with, uncovered their separate came through on the day his sexting was exposed, with a source saying ‘she can presently relax a murmur of help it’s authoritatively over’.
Mrs Rossington, who has since remarried, said that she has texted her ex-husband what’s more, told him: ‘Can you if you don’t mind stop humiliating them, they are kids developing up with your surname. In the event that you resort to stripping yourself of any further dignity, I will change your daughter’s surname, in the event that as it were to secure her against your stupidity’.
She included that their 13-year-old little girl ‘said to me he is a messy old man, a pervert’, concurring to the Every day Telegraph.
Miss Houlihan says she was shelled with unequivocal messages for a month after she inquired Mr Danczuk for a work in his Rochdale electorate office this summer.
She claims messages included ones inquiring to ‘spank’ what’s more, ‘discipline’ her as well as demands for photographs.
Mr Danczuk’s conceded sending the messages, saying recently ‘there is no trick like an old fool’, including that he had been ‘stupid’ to sext the youthful dramatization student.
His ex-wife Sonia told Rochdale Online: ‘Hopefully this time the Work Party what’s more, the general open will see him for what he truly is, a completely contemptible man.’
Mr Danczuk’s political profession is in wears out after the sexting scandal.

He guaranteed the messages asserted it was at ‘an greatly low point in my life’ after his split from his ‘selfie queen’ spouse Karen, 32.
Miss Houlihan told the Sun: ‘It is not proficient at all. He ought to know better.
‘He got a awful notoriety from it all. That is down to him.’
She added: ‘If I was a year more youthful at that point I would have been the same age as a few of the Rochdale prepping casualties he attempted to help.’
An on the web request calling for his de-selection called his activities ‘disgraceful’ what’s more, ‘against the values’ of the Work Party.
Mr Danczuk was impacted by his Work associates after being suspended from the party.
Ken Livingstone, who will offer assistance choose in the event that the MP is tossed out of Labour, called the messages ‘really disturbing’ yet ToryStewart Jackson said he was ‘stitched up like a kipper by the Corbyn cronies’.

The Work MP Jess Phillips said yesterday: ‘If you have a position of duty you have to utilize it. In the event that a 17-year-old talked me up I’d tell them to stop.’
July 2015: Sophena Houlihan claims she reached Simon Danczuk on Facebook about a work in his Rochdale electorate office, close her home. Ten says afterward he welcomes her to his office.
August 18: MP messages her to inquire how old she is – what’s more, at the point when she answers ’17’ he says ‘Good for you!’
September 20: Mr Danczuk what’s more, Miss Houlihan share unequivocal messages what’s more, the MP proclaims ‘God I’m horny!’
September 21: Hot messages proceed with Mr Danczuk saying he is stirred what’s more, asks: ‘You need me to punish you?’
September 30: Rochdale MP affirms he is in a relationship with nearby councilor Claire Hamilton after they are seen kissing at the party gathering what’s more, says they have been dating for a short period. Miss Houlihan claims the messages proceeded after that.
December 28: Mr Danczuk is dumped by his sweetheart after she finds the messages what’s more, too claims the MP conceded kissing an associate at a Christmas party.
December 29: More prominent Manchester Police inquired to test ‘inappropriate’ messages yet find MP has not conferred any offences.
Rochdale inhabitant Naveed Khan supposedly posted: ‘We individuals of Rochdale unquestionably do not require this muppet to be our voice in parliament. Sling your hook!’
Mr Danczuk, an straightforward commentator of Work pioneer Jeremy Corbyn, could be removed what’s more, deselected some time recently the next election.
Mr Corbyn, talking while going to flood-hit York, said: ‘We are concerned about things like this what’s more, that’s why it ought to be investigated. We anticipate the most noteworthy measures from our MPs’.

The MP will escape House of Lodge sanctions since the code of lead does not apply to what MPs do in their private lives.

Mr Danczuk, 49, a father of four from two marriages, worked enthusiastically to out late Rochdale MP Sir Cyril Smith as a paedophile since he took the situate in 2010.
Last year he was named battling MP of the year for his fight against youngster manhandle yet ventured back from his work in July after the break up of his marriage, which he guaranteed at the time had cleared out him depressed, self-destructive what’s more, moreover turned him to drink.
The new inconvenience in his private life including Sophena Houlihan begun in the same month.

Miss Houlihan claims she was advertised exhortation about getting into legislative issues after reaching the MP on the web what’s more, he indeed inquired her to meet him personally.
In one message he too tells her he is stimulated after she informed him about fantasising about having sex. The sexts show up to have been sent late at night or, on the other hand in the early hours of the morning.

Ken Livingstone, who is on Labour’s NEC, said the charges were ‘really disturbing’.
‘I just find it so odd since he put himself at the focus of the examination into sex manhandle of youthful young ladies in his range what’s more, so on,’ he told LBC.
Mr Livingstone said suspending individuals had been ‘very rare’ at the point when he to start with sat on the NEC yet had ‘almost move toward becoming an industry now’ inside the Work party.
Simon Danczuk’s sexting was uncovered the day his separate from second spouse Karen at last went through.
The match were hitched in 2011 what’s more, had two youngsters together.
However, the isolated in June last year, with their separate in the long run being conceded prior this week.
His to begin with marriage was to Sonia Milewski, presently Rossington, with whom he had two children, a child conceived in 1997 what’s more, a daughter.
Conservative MPs guaranteed the suspension was down to Mr Danczuk’s straightforward assaults on the Work leader.
Michael Fabricant tweeted: ‘Stupid, @SimonDanczuk may have been, yet has he broken any law? Would he have lost #Labour participation in the event that he hadn’t been a commentator of #Corbyn?’
Stewart Jackson tweeted: ‘Simon Danczuk has clearly been silly yet he’s moreover been sewed up like a kipper by the Corbyn associates in @UKLabour.
‘Given he’s had a few mental wellbeing issues, more humane thing would to have given him space & return to the issue next week.’
Labour MP Jess Phillips today said of Mr Danczuk: ‘If you have position of duty you have to utilize it. In the event that a 17-year-old talked me up I would tell them to stop’.

Greater Manchester Police today affirmed the MP was denounced of ‘communicating improperly with a young girl’, be that as it may officers ‘determined that no offenses have been committed’.
The messages were seen by Mr Danczuk’s sweetheart Claire Hamilton, 32, who dumped him saying she accepted he was informing ‘a lot’ of other ladies online.
MissHoulihan, a show understudy who is a part of a vampire what’s more, goth website, said she was stunned by his messages – be that as it may too delighted in the attention.
The teenager, who has just turned 18,said she was ‘flattered’ since she ‘was in wonder of him’but was afterward ‘weirded out’ since ‘he is old enough to be my dad’, she said.

The MP has not remarked on the story – be that as it may a source close to him said they are ‘two consenting adults’.

Miss Houlihan toldThe Sun: ‘I could not accept what I was seeing at the point when he to begin with sent me a mischievous message. I was shocked.
‘He’s an MP what’s more, shouldn’t be carrying on like that. He too had as it were just split up from Karen what’s more, at that point he begun dating Claire’.
The teenager, who lives with her mother, uncovered that after a month of informing Mr Danczuk inquired her how old she was.
When she said ’17’, he is said to have replied: ‘Good for you’.
The Rochdale MP, who driven a battle to uncover his antecedent Sir Cyril Smith as a paedophile, afterward informed MissHoulihan after she posted a picture of herself in a dress on Instagram.
It was that point, she says, that their trades moved toward becoming more coy what’s more, the two sent messages back what’s more, forward about three times a week.
Around the time of the Work Party meeting in September, Mr Danczuk is said to have recommended the match ‘meet up’, some time recently askingMiss Houlihan for a picture.
On September 18 he said they ought to ‘meet up’ what’s more, the understudy inquired him: ‘are you serious?’ what’s more, he responded: ‘I’m continuously serious! I once in a while do non-serious! Let’s meet up at the point when you’re ready.’
When she sent one of her wearing a uncovering white body suit he professedly wrote: ‘Why aren’t you here in Spain wearing that costume?! Lol’, to which the adolescent kidded it would ‘look better on your room floor’.

Among the more sexually-explicit messages he sent counting one where he toldMiss Houlihan he was ‘horny’ what’s more, she was ‘distracting’ him from composing a book.
He too wrote: ‘Right, let’s get back to the sex then’ at the point when the discussion turned serious. Afterward he told her she was ‘cheeky’ what’s more, inquired in the event that she needed him to ‘spank’ her, she claimed.
Mr Danczuk was purportedly stressed he would ‘get in trouble’ in the event that he said the off-base thing, as it were to recommend once more that the match meet up.
That never materialised, with the on the web relationship between the two failing out not long after Mr Danczuk went open about his new councilor sweetheart Claire Hamilton, 32.

She too went on to say she accepts Mr Danczuk is informing ‘loads of girls’, a reason Miss Hamilton gave for breaking up with him.
Officers from Rochdale’s master sexual mishandle unit are said to have propelled an examination after getting a objection from a part of the public, with police contactingMiss Houlihan to guarantee she was not being ‘harassed’ by the Work MP.
Greater Manchester Police finished up there was no case to answer.
A compel representative said: ‘Greater Manchester Police gotten a report from a part of the open that a man from the Rochdale zone had been conveying improperly with a adolescent girl.
‘This matter was looked into what’s more, it has been decided that no offenses have been committed’.

In Walk Mr Danczuk got into more inconvenience on the web at the point when favourited hard-core porn on Twitter – yet faulted it on a blame with his iPhone.
A constituent hailed up the botch after figuring it out the Work MP had favourited a tweet connected to an account portrayed as ‘an 18+ Sensual account for posting hot pictures of provocative women’.
He said a glitch with his smartphone caused it to top pick the picture w

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