Danny Dyer’s little girl Dani Dyer debilitates fan

Danny Dyer’s girl debilitated a fan who uncovered her father’s sex texts, telling her, ‘If I see you I’ll f***ing hurt ya’.
Dani Dyer, 20, sent the injurious messages after it was uncovered the on-screen character had sent the lady a photograph of his manhood.
Danny traded the arrangement of lascivious messages with the fan just weeks some time recently he hitched Jo Mas, the mother of his children, in September 2016.
After finding the lady on social media Dani let go off a arrangement of awful remarks including, ‘karma is a b**** you awful monstrous sickening human being’.
And she marked the lady an ‘ugly messy skank’ what’s more, threatened:’If I see you i’ll f*****g hurt ya.’

A companion of the fan told The Sun’sRachel Dale she had been cleared out ‘shaken’ by Dani’s messages what’s more, would not be reacting to them.
Dani too sent the lady amessage asking: ‘What you think you are a few sort of a f****** cool individual attempting to make yourself celebrated for 5 minutes?’
She afterward added: ‘Slag slag slag that’s what you were made to be presently twist over you messy whore.’
Dyer is right now on an expanded break in South Africa to recoup from his party way of life what’s more, the weight of featuring in the soap, in which he plays bar proprietor Mick Carter.
According to the youthful mother, who he met at an Essex book marking occasion the past year, Dyer told her ‘bend over what’s more, appear me that bottle’ – cockney rhyming slang for her backside.
And on June 27,just nine weeks some time recently his wedding to Ms Mas, he sent the lady a picture of his privates jabbing out of his boxer shorts.
Despite the texts, a source close to Dyer told Stamp Jefferies ofThe Mirrorthat Ms Mas is not arranging to break up with her husband.
The couple have another daughter, Sunnie, what’s more, a son, Arty.
The source said: ‘This was a bit of fun between Danny what’s more, a young lady that has got a bit out of hand.
‘There was no relationship, it was nothing genuine what’s more, Jo is not about to split up with the adore of her life over a maybe a couple messages.
‘Everything we have heard proposes Jo will stand by her man.’
Jo, who met Dyer in 1995, is said to have kicked him out of their house after he went out drinking with Lilly Allen.
The same thing is revealed to have happened at the point when he was connected with Billie Flute player in 2011.

There have moreover been reports Dyer’s family fear he may create a sex addiction.
An Eastenders source toldThe Sun: ‘A number of individuals close to Danny, counting individuals of his family, close companions what’s more, individuals here, figured it out he was on the off-base track sexually.
‘Obviously he has combat issues with drink what’s more, drugs yet they don’t need him to be heading down way towards sex addiction.
‘There has been episode after episode including other ladies what’s more, it’s affecting his life what’s more, could cause harm to his profession in the future in the event that he doesn’t sort it out.’
Dyer has not remarked on his break from the show, remaining quiet on social media, yet it has moreover been asserted that Danny moved toward becoming involved in a backstage quarrel with co-star Steve McFadden earlier to his sudden flight from the soap.
Last month, he was seen being driven out by security following the National Tv Grants in London.

A companion of the awed fan involved in sex writings embarrassment told The Sun: ‘She’s heartbroken. She really thought something might happen with him.’
It is far from the as it were time the on-screen character has been driven off track by another lady amid his 20-year relationship, be that as it may it is the to begin with episode to develop since he tied the knot.
It June 2014, it was detailed he had ‘spent the night’ with a 21-year-old understudy after meeting her in a club what’s more, was professedly imagined stripped on her portable phone.
Earlier that year, Cara Chamberlain, 29, came forward after a night out she purportedly spend with the performing artist in 2010, which included celebrating in a nightclub, what’s more, at that point going back to his inn room.
But he promised to change what’s more, in 2015 said: ‘I don’t need to go there again. I have tricked in the past what’s more, I endured the outcomes very badly.
‘Jo’s continuously been the young lady for me. Those things happened a long time prior what’s more, what we’ve got together is much more critical than that.’
MailOnline has reached Dyer’s agents for comment.

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