Mother’s request for missing Sydney adolescent Brandii Woods

The mother of a 15-year-old young lady who raged out of her house on Thursday has made a edgy supplication for her girl to come home.
Brandii Woods cleared out her house in Ryde after an argument, what’s more, was last seen on Friday evening at Bondi Shoreline with a ‘Middle Eastern man’ wearing a cap.
‘What begun as a hot young young lady raging off has turned into something far more risky what’s more, concerning,’ Brandii’s mother Jacqueline Woods told Every day Mail Australia.

The 15-year-old was wearing dark jeans, a dark Louis Vuitton polo shirt, white Nike air shoes what’s more, was conveying a extensive tan/brown purse at the point when she disappeared.
‘Our little girl has no money, no phone, no garments what’s more, without her wallet, presently no ID,’ her troubled mother said.
‘Brandii would never deliberately dispose of her belongings.’
She moreover has a message for anybody who knows where Brandii is yet are picking to remain silent: ‘This is a unsafe diversion of Russian roulette, it’s not cool, what’s more, it’s not funny. In the event that individuals know where she is, they are not doing her any favors remaining silent.’
A witness saw her on Friday night boarding a prepare at Town Hall, what’s more, she was afterward spotted getting the 380 transport to Bondi Shoreline in a’heavily medicated or, on the other hand intoxicated’ state.
Brandii talked to the witness while on the prepare what’s more, told him she had as it were met her voyaging partner six hours before.
She was afterward spotted outside the Bondi Inn at 1am on Sunday morning, in the organization of an obscure male.
Her mother included that the police returned her daughter’s wallet to her, which had been found on Francis St in Bondi.

‘She has no cash telephone or, then again clothes. Today around evening time she was gathered to be taking her father to a show. She spared up $600 to purchase him tickets for Father’s Day.
‘We were moreover implied to be flying to Cairns tomorrow as a family for a holiday. She was unbelievably energized about this what’s more, looking forward to it.
‘No matter how irate she was on Thursday, she would not miss these things. Her wallet was found in a road in Bondi on Saturday morning. She doesn’t know anybody from there what’s more, its a long way from home.’
‘Brandii would never deliberately dispose of her belongings. We are unfathomably worried.’
Ms Woods included that her girl had had a few mental wellbeing issues in the past, yet that they had been under control for the past six months.
‘Brandii comes from a adoring family who are frantic for news or, then again word of her whereabouts what’s more, her safe return home.
‘Brandii has been so well over the last six months, turning her life around what’s more, accomplishing a few incredible individual goals.
‘Brandii begun a part time job, is included in a nearby young ladies touch football team, volunteer mentors a youthful young ladies touch football group what’s more, has been getting a charge out of what’s more, partaking at school.’
‘Whilst this hiccup is to a great degree concerning what’s more, grievous ideally we can get her home what’s more, safe getting a charge out of her life again.
‘She has been adoring what’s more, well behaved,’ her mother added. ‘This end of the week is not normal….As parents, we are broken.’
Anyone with data about Brandii’s whereabouts are asked to contact or, on the other hand call the police. Her mother is moreover utilizing her daughter’s Facebook page to impart with the open for any conceivable leads.

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