Alexandra Nord says Chief Alliance star attempted to assault her

A previous proficient footballer has guaranteed a marriedPremier Group star attempted to assault her in a opulent London inn room.
Alexandra Nord, 25, from rebro, Sweden,claims she met the footballer in a dance club in Mayfair, London, what’s more, that he baited her to a lodging in South Kensington after promising to purchase her sustenance some time recently taking her back to the club.
Miss Nord, who utilized to play for QPR Ladies,said she woke to find the man with ‘parts of his body where they ought to not be’ after he had expelled her garments while she was sleeping.
Miss Nord, who is fashioning a new profession as a reality Television appear contestant, said she had no learning of what might have happened amid the night, yet that she was exposed from the abdomen down what’s more, her tights were torn.
Writing on her blog, said she felt constrained to open up about what happened following the #metoo campaign, which was propelled in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual manhandle scandal.
She claims she met the footballer on a number of events at the same focal London dance club what’s more, that one night he induced her to go back to a inn on the start that she would rest in her possess room.
Miss Nord, as of now showing up on the Swedish variant of The Bachelor, said the footballer, who she has picked not to name, paid money for the lodging room after pulling out a ‘big heap of banknotes’ from his pocket.
She composes in detail how she to begin with met the player, amid a night out with companions at a club in Mayfair in no time after moving to London in 2012, at the point when she was 19 a long time old.
‘There was a fellow who visited me up, I wasn’t pulled in to him at all, yet he still overseen to induce me what’s more, my companion to come over to his table for a drink.
‘He presented himself, be that as it may his name did not mean anything to me at the time, so he googled himself what’s more, said he played football in a Spanish club.
‘As a individual football player I begun talking about the diversion what’s more, we found normal ground.’
She pleasantly repelled his advances, yet composes how she kept knocking into the player amid evenings out in London, what’s more, that she keeps dismissing him. A month afterward she met him once again.
‘I keep in mind not feeling well, what’s more, needed to go home, yet I couldn’t find my friend. As the club is in a storm cellar I had no flag what’s more, required to go outside to call someone.
‘And there, outside the club is a Lamborghini stopped what’s more, he is there in the car, the footballer who will not take off me alone.
She composes that the player opened the entryway to the Lamborghini what’s more, said ‘you can hold up for your companion in the car’.
Miss Nord composes that the footballer recommended that they go to get her a few food, what’s more, that she concurred yet made it extremely clear that they required to be back at the club by 3am, as her companion was still there what’s more, all her belonging in the cloakroom, which he concurred to.
Despite this, the footballer persuaded her to go to a hotel, which she composes that she did on the start that they rest in partitioned rooms.
However, at the point when they went upstairs she found that it is just one room, what’s more, she composes that the footballer ‘tried it on’, yet that she told him a firm ‘no’.
She portrays how she fell snoozing with all her garments on, be that as it may woke up in a state of undress, with her tights torn.
Swedish newspaperExpressenquoted Ms Nord as saying:’He had parts of his body where they ought to not be what’s more, attempted to have sexual intercourse with me.
‘I was extremely clear that I did not need to have sexual intercourse with him what’s more, said no. I keep in mind lying on top of my bed with all my garments on me.
‘I caught on that it was he who had taken off my clothes. I do not know precisely how far he had gone.’
Describing the night on her blog, she added: ‘My to begin with response was anger, at that point I was embarrassed what’s more, thought possibly I had concurred to something? I do not keep in mind everything I said what’s more, did the night before.
‘What I keep in mind in spite of the fact that is that I never needed to end up in this situation, yet after all, I had attempted to get free of this fellow a few times some time recently what’s more, indeed in the event that I had once in a while sent out signals showing something else, I did not give him ANY right to touch my body without my permission.’
Miss Nord claims that after the asserted incident, the footballer’s ‘manager’ reached her inquiring her to keep calm about the evening, attempting to put weight on her by frightening her into silence.
‘He said it would destroy his career. That he had a spouse what’s more, that she was pregnant.’

She included she felt ‘ashamed’ what’s more, ‘angry’ following the episode in 2012 what’s more, said it took her two a long time some time recently she told anybody about it.
‘I have picked to talk about this presently since I need to raise the issue.
‘What is it that makes folks think that this kind of conduct is OK? Hubris? Ignorance? Or, on the other hand is it a social issue? Yet it can’t be since it happens everywhere.’

‘That I have picked not to utilize his name is irrelevant, since this is not about him what’s more, me, this is about drawing consideration to this issue in society.’

She has not detailed the episode to Scotland Yard.
QPR has affirmed to MailOnline that Miss Nord is no longer related with the club what’s more, has not been a part of their women’s squad for over a year, after playing four matches a few seasons ago.
Chairman of QPR women’s group Kevin McGrath will be exploring the claims, saying: ‘I’ll be talking to the club to find out more yet this is the to begin with I’ve heard of this.
‘I don’t keep in mind her be that as it may we are an an beginner side what’s more, I don’t know all the players.
‘In numerous regards it’s not about QPR, it’s about the player herself.
‘It’s like anything at the point when you hear these things happening in the world of music or, then again football or, on the other hand business, it’s continuously a concern.
‘I will talk to club authorities today to see on the off chance that they can offer any information.’

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