UK Weather: Gentle spell supplanted by to begin with ices of winter

Ifyou need to appreciate wonderful fall hues like this Lake Region scene, at that point make the most of them this weekend.
Because after the timekeepers go back to check the end of English Summer Time tonight, the later gentle spell is set for an unexpected end.
Many zones will encounter the to begin with ices of winter amid the early hours of Monday, with the thermometer diving as low as -4C (25F) in Scotland what’s more, segregated areas.
This takes after temperatures as high as 23.5C (74F) in south-east Britain prior this month.
Meteogroup forecaster Richard Martin-Barton said: Individuals may encounter a genuine stun to the system.
Temperatures are going to drop all of a sudden. It will be truly perceptible Sunday night into Monday.
Today the South what’s more, East are set for charming temperatures up to 17C (63F) yet the west what’s more, north will be cloudier what’s more, breezy, with patches of rain.
Tomorrow will feel altogether cooler be that as it may most places ought to remain dry with bright spells but for a maybe a couple showers close the east coast.
Oli Claydon of the Met Office said: Theres a high weight framework to the west of us, what’s more, low weight to the east, what’s more, theyre working together to move warm what’s more, icy air around.

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