Queen’s 70th wedding commemoration checked with stamps

A new set of stamps is being issued to remember the 70th wedding commemoration of the Ruler what’s more, Duke of Edinburgh, counting pictures of their wedding what’s more, honeymoon.
The six stamps incorporate an picture of the illustrious couple on their vacation in the grounds of Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire, looking at photos of their wedding what’s more, one of the illustrious couple strolling down the passageway of Westminster Convent after their wedding benefit on November 20 1947.
Two stamps check their engagement declaration in July 1947, appearing the couple at Buckingham Palace.
Royal Mail representative Philip Parker said: ‘A platinum wedding commemoration is rare, what’s more, for the Illustrious Family it is unique.
‘We are charmed to issue these six stamps to stamp Her Majestys what’s more, the Duke of Edinburghs 70 a long time of marriage.’

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