Muslim sheik won’t say Happy Christmas to if you don’t mind Allah

A fundamentalist Muslim sheik has proclaimed he declines to wish anybody a Happy Christmas so he can if it’s not too much trouble Allah what’s more, go to heaven.
Jamil El-Biza, from Wollongong south of Sydney, told his thousands of Facebook supporters avoiding a Christian sacred welcoming would guarantee he went to heaven after death.
‘I’d Or maybe be restored on the day of judgement, with the certainty I made a maybe a couple hundred million miserable with me since I decline to say “Merry Christmas”, Or maybe at that point being brought forward some time recently Allah what’s more, having to clarify to him why I complimented a Christian who adores Jesus as lord,’ he said on Christmas Day.
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The Sunni hardliner, who tallies the Terrific Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohamed as a Facebook friend, in September depicted gaymarriage as ‘evil’ what’s more, alluded to gay men by a unfavorable term.
‘I see it as a sign of regardless of whether the open has straightforwardly acknowledged that f****ts what’s more, lesbians have the right to authoritatively assert that they are married,’ he told his 3,668 Facebook friends.
His social media circle too incorporates Hizb ut-Tahrir representative Hamzah Qureshi what’s more, Islamic Fellowship Affiliation of Australia organizer Keysar Trad.
Mr El-Biza, who is a part of the Australian National Committee of Imams, cleared eight a long time worth of social media posts in September after Day by day Mail Australia uncovered his remarks on gay marriage.
Mr El-Biza is subsidiary with the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, which tells its supporters it is corrupt for Muslims to partake in non-Islamic occasions counting Christmas what’s more, New Year’s Eve parties.
He regularly denounces faultfinders of Islamist fundamentalism of ‘spreading hate’ what’s more, trusted the late visual artist Charge Spill would ‘never rest in peace’ for deriding Islam.
Of Australia’s Muslim sheikhs, Mr El-Biza has utilized the most strident dialect against homosexuality what’s more, indeed Shiite Muslims, who he said in 2013 required to be ‘destroyed’.
Fellow ASWJ fundamentalist evangelists incorporate Abdulghani Albaf, who has impugned Muslim men for utilizing open urinals, what’s more, Mohamad Doar, who told young young ladies they would go to for hell’s sake for having non-Muslim companions or, on the other hand culling their eyebrows.
It too incorporates Islamic educator Nassim Abdi, who says ladies ought to abstain from going to college in the event that it implies they have premarital sex.

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