NZ police advertisement pummeled for Samoan officer in Sikh turban

A New Zealand Police ad has been pummeled for ‘violating tradition’ after a Samoan officer was imagined wearing a Sikh turban incorrectly.
Constable Heber Gasu was included in a famous police enrollment video which was seen millions of times.
He runs through a compartment yard while wearing a police-issue turban – yet the head of New Zealand’s Incomparable Sikh Society said it was mistakenly tied, Stuff reported.
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‘It is as a matter of fact damaging tradition, the Sikh way of tying the turban,’ secretary general Rajinder Singh said.
‘It just looks a it funny, it’s not [the] appropriate way to do it… this is not right.’
Mr Singh was thankful of the endeavor to incorporate assorted variety in the video yet would have favored a Sikh officer.
Mr Gasu, who is Samoan, has a close affiliation with the Sikh group concurring to a New Zealand Police spokeswoman.
The representative affirmed Mr Gasu is not a honing Sikh. There are about 25 honing Sikh police officers in New Zealand.
The representative said Mr Gasu regularly wore a turban to ‘demonstrate his grasping of the Indian culture’.
Constable Mandeep Kaur, who is Sikh, said she felt respected that Mr Gasu needed to wear the turban to appear New Zealand Police welcome diversity.
The police representative said they had gotten one grumbling as to Mr Gasu’s appearance in the video, which had been reacted to.
The enrollment video has been seen more than six million times on Facebook what’s more, YouTube.
It highlights the police pipe band, Police Official Mike Shrubbery what’s more, social media star William Waiirua.

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