Strange flying protest befuddles roadway drivers

A peculiar flying protest has befuddled drivers on the occupied M1 thruway in Queensland.
Dashcam film appears the special flying protest taking off over the sky, right above a number of trucks what’s more, cars.
Appearing like a bird, numerous individuals took to social media with a few recommending it was a UFO.
Flying over the well known thruway between Brisbane what’s more, the Gold Coast, the cross breed watercraft plane proceeded to shock passers-by.
The daylight state is a known to have numerous flying water crafts since of the number of amphibian landing strips in the area, concurring to 7 News.
According to a few individuals on social media, the ‘flying dingy’ showed up more like a ramble or, on the other hand an ‘Aussie UFO’.
Other social media clients recommended the flying pontoons be utilized as ‘delivery drones’ to convey Uber Eats.
Amphibious Ultralight-Flying Pontoons have been touted as the future of transport, being the mix of a watercraft what’s more, plane.
The hang lightweight flyer style wings are mounted on a watercraft which is fueled by an engine, giving clients a taste of the sky what’s more, sea.

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