Hawk fan seen running into a post demands he’s doing fine

He took the hit like a champ.
Over the weekend, a video went viral appearing an vigorous football fan running into a concrete post on the metro as he attempted to get a prepare full of Philadelphia Falcon fans pumped up for the playoffs.
The 26-second video taken some time recently the diversion on Sunday has been seen more than 500,000 times on YouTube what’s more, turned 42-year-old Jigar Desai into an web star.
Desai, who works at a pharmaceutical company, said he at first attempted denying that he was the exuberant fan who handled a post – what’s more, lost – yet after his family what’s more, companions kept texting him about it he chosen to claim up to it, Deadspin reports.
‘I was pregaming at my siblings place. He lives in South Philly.
‘We observed the Pats-Jaguars game, at that point headed down to the Linc. What’s more, a prepare was clearing out the Linc what’s more, going into Focus City; we were holding up for a prepare coming on the stage over from it. What’s more, I just saw Birds fans, what’s more, it got me all excited,’ he explained.
‘At the end of it, at the point when I was running toward the prepare I just needed to give a final: ‘Go Birds!’ to the people that were there. What’s more, that is at the point when the post made a incredible tackle.’

Desai, a season ticket holder, said he’s a little sore yet doesn’t think he needs to see a doctor.
Its just in the shoulder, arm, chest region what’s more, I feel better this morning than I did yesterday, he said. Ideally that will continue.
A second video of the episode appears that Desai hit the side of the prepare as it was clearing out the station some time recently he fell on the ground.
The hitched father told Deadspin that he’s happy all he endured was a maybe a couple bruises.
I feel extremely blessed what’s more, extremely fortunate that nothing more awful had happened. Its a little bit of a obscure for me. Yeah, I hit the pole, I was on the ground what’s more, I got right up,’ he said. ‘But after seeing that second video where I as a matter of fact hit the metro prepare it made me reexamine a parcel of things. I am extremely lucky.
Desai told NBC that his post-game festivity was a parcel calmer, yet his stage run video is a reflection of how energetic what’s more, energized Hawk fans are.
‘The enthusiasm is there, he said. It reflects the energy of the whole city. We are great fans.
The Birds went on to win Saturday’s NFC Title amusement 38-7 against the Minnesota Vikings for a spot in the Super Bowl next month.
They will play the New Britain Patriots, ruling Super Bowl champs, on February 4.

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