Police video appears officer utilizing a taser on a lady

Oklahoma police have discharged body cam film on Thursday appearing an officer utilizing a Taser to stifle a lady who minutes prior purportedly busted up a Taco Ringer eatery with a tire iron.
The episode took put just some time recently 8am on Tuesday, at the point when police were called to Taco Chime in Oklahoma City.
Several individuals called 911 after a lady afterward recognized as Zette Lea Madden, 52, professedly utilized a tire press to crush up windows what’s more, debilitate employees, The Oklahoman reported.
In the video, the officer is seen strolling toward the Taco Ringer entrance what’s more, requesting that Goad drop the bar.
The officer rehashed the charge a number of times, what’s more, Goad kept saying, No.
When the officer cautioned Goad one last time that she ought to drop the tire iron, she said: I come in here what’s more, spend hundreds of dollars
At that moment, she was shot with the Taser.
According to police, Goad annihilated the eateries drive-thru menu, a window, the section door, what’s more, a money register.
Witnesses told police she held the bar above her what’s more, undermined workers while she requested money.
She faces charges of burglary what’s more, annihilation of property.
Madden was put in a nearby imprison in Oklahoma Province in lieu of $22,000 bail.
Police on Thursday moreover discharged sound of the three 911 calls that were made from the Taco Ringer location.
‘Yes, Im the store supervisor at Taco Ringer on south I-35 benefit road, Ive got a lady with a crowbar right now, shes breaking my windows at my store,’ a lady recognized herself as Felicia told an Oklahoma City dispatcher.
‘She’s a white lady she lives in a auto over here on the side of the road, behind this dark building, the Triple X Club,’ she told 911.
The Triple X Club is in reference to the now-defunctXXXtasy Farm Gentleman’s Club.
Felicia, the manager, told police that Goad was pursuing workers around with the tire iron.
She inquired one of her laborers to get Madden.
‘My store is going to be shut for a minute so youre going to have to get glass to come down here cause this lady busted out all my windows out around my Taco Ringer what’s more, my menu board, Im serious,’ Felicia is heard telling somebody while she was on the telephone with the dispatcher.
‘This lady is crazy.’
In two other 911 calls, witnesses revealed a comparative account.
During those telephone calls, the sound of glass breaking can be heard in the background.

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