Blue Sea Slugs

What are they?
Blue Sea Slugs, or, on the other hand glaucus atlanticus, are little ocean slugs that live in the ocean.
The blue sea slugs are part of the ‘blue tide’ gathering of creatures which incorporates bluebottle jellyfish.
What do they eat?
Feasting on a few of the most noxious jam angle in the ocean, the blue winged serpents appear to support the fatal Portuguese man o’war.
The blue slugs take the harm from the jellyfish it is eating what’s more, stores it to utilize against predators.
How huge are they?
The rarely-seen blue winged serpents developed up to three centimeters long.
Where are they found?
The superb looking slugs live in warm, tropical waters what’s more, take after the current which takes off them being washed up on shore at times.
Are they lethal to humans?
People are prompted not to touch the blue ocean slugs since they may get a excruciating sting.
The sting could be possibly dangerous.

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