New blow for John Bercow as House of House associate asserts prejudice

The to start with non-white Serjeant at Arms in Parliament’s history has asserted he has been the casualty of prejudice in the House of Commons.
The arrangement by Speaker John Bercow of Moroccan- conceived Mohammed Amal (Kamal) El-Hajji to the stately part in 2016 was welcomed as a leap forward for English Muslims.
But The Mail on Sunday has been told by sources that Mr El-Hajji has been subjected to supremacist comments, stripped of his duties what’s more, is being booted out of his beauty what’s more, support home. He is said to have guaranteed his encounter appears the House remains a ‘white people’s club’.
The claims put restored weight on Mr Bercow, who is as of now confronting allegations which he emphatically denies that he tormented one of his aides.
Mr El-Hajji, 59, is said to be talking to the union for senior common servants, the To start with Division Affiliation (FDA), asserting prejudice what’s more, uncalled for treatment. A source said: ‘He’s being singled out since he is not white.’
But one MP, who picked to remain unnamed, said: ‘Mr El-Hajji can’t truly do the job, battles with English what’s more, faults his inconveniences on racism.’
The MP too pointed out that the much lessened Serjeant at Arms part no longer involved the security points of interest it once did.
Mr El-Hajji begun in his 80,000 position with a group of around 12 what’s more, a terrific office. A year later, he was told his entirety group was being subsumed into a new In-House Administrations office what’s more, he was told to clear out his office what’s more, move to a ‘cupboard-sized’ one while the windows were refurbished. At the point when Mr El-Hajji complained, a supervisor purportedly said: ‘If you don’t like the changes, at that point leave.’
In 2016, he had too gotten a three-bedroom habitation next to Parliament’s Derby Gate, where he lives with his spouse what’s more, three children. The source said Mr El-Hajji has gotten an official letter saying he has to take off his home by next January.
Recently, Mr El-Hajji moreover gotten his yearly evaluation from the head of the new In-House Administrations department. Yet not at all like past years, he has been told that he is ‘not completely effective’. Sources said he griped about the evaluation to the FDA what’s more, too to Parliament’s work force bosses.
Sources have too said that one junior female associate had made ‘racist’ remarks about him behind his back.
The source added: ‘Over the a long time he has heard comments, like ‘He won’t last six months here’ what’s more, ‘You can’t trust individuals like that’. He feels he is in a white people’s club.’
A House of House representative said: ‘Due to fundamental upkeep work it has been essential to move a number of staff workplaces what’s more, design to abandon the little number of living arrangements on the Parliamentary Bequest what’s more, proper bolster is being given to those affected. The part of the Serjeant at Arms changed amid the residency of the past Serjeant as part of a more extensive rebuild what’s more, these changes were reflected in the work promotion for the current post holder.’
Mr El-Hajji said: ‘Mr Speaker has bolstered what’s more, made a difference me what’s more, benevolent gave me the opportunity to be the Serjeant. I am extremely thankful to him for all the thoughtfulness what’s more, for the time he has given to guide me since I got this appointment.’

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