Laura Mercier make-up craftsman shot accomplice some time recently murdering himself

Laura Mercier beauty care products cosmetics craftsman Benjamin Ruiz murdered his long term accomplice some time recently turning the weapon on himself inside their$1.5million Houston home, concurring to police.
On Thursday, police officers found the terrible scene at the point when they entered the five-bedroom home on Markham Road around 9:30pm, after a companion had called the police about a concerning content message they received.
According to the Restorative Examiner, an examination uncovered that Benjamin, 52, shot his partner, Rene Ruiz, 62, in the head, torso, what’s more, right lower extremity, some time recently lethally shooting himself in the head.

Neighbors tell KHOU11, the couple had been together more than 22-years.
The combine lived a glamorous, global way of life what’s more, had homes in Mexico. They as of late traveled in Buenos Aires what’s more, blended with famous people much appreciated to Benjamin’s high-flying job.
Their companion called the 911 at the point when they were incapable to get a hold of the couple following the irritating message.
Officers arrived what’s more, found the combine dead upstairs.
While they were together for more than two-decades, they were getting divorced.
The day some time recently their deaths, they recorded their home for $1.5million, as part of their separate settlement.
The home’s posting say it’s an Edwardian-style English city home with ‘custom touches’.
It was not the couple’s as it were home. They too had a property in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, which they gone to for New Year recently.
Benjamin spouted about the property in interviews about his work, saying it was where he went to relax.
Cops said that no suicide note was cleared out behind, what’s more, included that they have never been called to the home some time recently for local incidents.
It is not clear what Rene did for a living.
Unlike his husband, who was occupied on social media, he does not show up to have had any on the web profile.

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