Lady battles off man who attempted to assault her steps from her NYC home

Police are seeking for a man who purportedly attempted to assault a lady just steps from her home in New York City.
The 34-year-old lady was clearing out her loft in Manhattan early Sunday morning at the point when a man came up behind her what’s more, come to his hand under her skirt.
He at that point put his hand over her mouth to smother her shouts for help.
The lady was capable to battle the assailant off what’s more, run into her apartment, locking the entryway behind her.
The man promptly catapulted from the scene what’s more, police are right now chasing for him.
He was last seen wearing a dark shirt what’s more, dim pants andis depicted as incompletely bare what’s more, weighing about 150lbs.
Police discharged observation film of the subject getting into an lift from a metro stage what’s more, strolling on the street.

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