Fear of ladies is driving men to turn to gay affairs, claims Jilly Cooper

Present day men are turning to gay undertakings since they are ‘terrified’ of women, Jilly Cooper has suggested.
In a fairly blistering verdict, the broadly suggestive author said that men moreover cry ‘all the time’.
She included that ladies wear short skirts yet have ‘do not touch inked over their knees’ what’s more, said she was ‘worried’ about the impact the Me As well battle may have on sees of courtship.
Speaking at the Roughage abstract celebration yesterday, the 81-year-old said: ‘I have one charming gay companion whose darling died. He’s just begun going on the web now.
‘It’s all hitched men needing to have gay affairs. Do you think men are so scared of women, it’s more secure to get [it] on with their possess sex?’
The creator said that men’s conduct was ‘very cyclical’ reviewing how men cried what’s more, developed facial hair in the Shakespearean era, though her father what’s more, late spouse Leo did neither.
‘Men cry all the time presently what’s more, they have beards,’ she said.
Describing how battles against sexual badgering such as Me As well have influenced relationships, Mrs Cooper said: ‘One flawless man said ‘I can’t be a tease any more’. You have a smaller than expected skirt up to here, at that point ‘do not touch’ inked over your knees.’
Asked about the affect of such evolving states of mind on her characters such as caddish serial tempter Rupert Campbell-Black, who will too highlight in her most recent novel Handle she said: ‘I’m stressed about that.’
However, in spite of her comments, Mrs Cooper surrendered that current men are better at attempting to make connections work.
‘I think a part of the youthful men I know cherish their spouses what’s more, are decided to make their relational unions stay,’ she said. ‘But being cheerfully hitched doesn’t stop you falling in adore with other people.’
Addressing how the web has changed the scene for dating, Mrs Cooper sounded a note of alert about the risks of meeting somebody you found online.
She told the audience: ‘I don’t know how numerous of you go online, yet the thought of going online… I have a awful hip what’s more, I can’t run away from a mass murderer.’

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