Strange creature recorded meandering over a mans garage yet do you know what it is?

A man was stunned to find CCTV film of a puzzling creature strolling over his garage around 2am.
The picture appears the animal, which has four legs what’s more, a long tail that expands in reverse what’s more, meets the ground.
The tail is what makes this animal troublesome to identify, as the body of the creature takes after a dog-like creature.
The man posted the picture to Imgur, inquiring individuals of the website in the event that they knew what it could be.
Some individuals remarked on the image, expressing they accept the creature to be a Chupacabra.
A Chupacabra is a incredible legends animal starting in Latin America.
Others accepted it was a Tasmanian Tiger, something else known as a Thylacine, an creature that has been terminated for over 80 years.
While the creature likely isn’t a blood-sucking legendary creature, there’s still no clarification as to what it is.

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