AFL star Brandon Ellis uncovers he developed up with Eurydice Dixon in Melbourne lodging commission piece

A footy star who wore a dark armband amid a coordinate has uncovered he developed up with a youthful stand-up entertainer who was found dead in a park.
Richmond Tigers midfielder Brandon Ellis said he knew Eurydice Dixon, who was professedly assaulted what’s more, killed last week, as a child.
The 24-year-old AFL star clarified the 22-year-old trying comedian, who was found dead in an inner-city stop early on Wednesday morning, developed up with him at a adjacent lodging commission piece at Carlton.
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‘I developed up with her in the same lodging commission pads for more than 10 years,’ he told Melbourne radio station 3AW.
Ellis, who wore a dark armband on Sunday evening amid a diversion against the Geelong Cats, said the signal was to respect Ms Dixon.
‘Unfortunately, we all know what happened on Tuesday night, so it’s in recognition of her,’ he said after the Sunday evening match.
‘It’s to just send a solid articulation out: it’s not acceptable, what happened.
‘It was a lovely extreme week.’
With a 19-year-old mentally unbalanced man Jaymes Todd charged with her assault what’s more, kill at the Carlton North park, Ellis said the episode featured the significance of women’s safety.
‘It’s just truly pitiful that ladies can’t go strolling alone,’ he said.
‘It’s men who have got to have a hard look at themselves.
‘It’s just so tragic it’s shaken the community, everyone’s shocked.’
Ms Dixon was strolling home after performing a satire appear at Highlander Bar on Tuesday night at the point when she was assaulted what’s more, killed.
As she drawn closer her home she had supposedly informed her boyfriend: ‘I’m practically home safe.’

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