Florida man on angling trip gets goliath square of pot

A Florida man who went angling for his birthday came back with an sudden early present.
Jorge Bustamante had taken his pontoon on the wavesoff the drift of Pompano Beach, Florida, on Monday, at the point when he saw something skimming in the water.
When he come to into the water, he was shocked to pull out a enormous bundle of marijuana.
‘Got an early birthday blessing from Pablo Escobar,’ he wrote, alluding to the late Colombian drugs runner what’s more, wrongdoing kingpin, in a post on Instagram, close by a photograph of him holding the drugs.
‘Found it off pompano skimming in the weed line maybe a couple mahi what’s more, a maybe a couple kingfish this morning be that as it may a trip we wont disregard for a long time.’
It’s not clear how the block of weed finished up gliding in the ocean, despite the fact that it could have been dumped by runners confronting a raid.
Bustamante told CBS News he reached the Drift Guard, who sent a team to come to pick it up.
Marijuana is lawful in Florida, be that as it may is limited to therapeutic utilize only.
Bustamante, a independent steadicam administrator what’s more, submerged photographer, agreeing to his social media, spends a part of time at ocean what’s more, has endless photographs of himself posturing with his get of the day.

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