Who knew synchronized swimming had a heavyweight division?

These two monsters of the sea weigh in at 40 tons each be that as it may that doesnt stop them reveling in a spot of synchronized swimming.
Yorkshire-born natural life picture taker John Goodridge caught this unbelievable picture of two humpbacks skipping just off Australias Sydney Harbour.
The to a great degree uncommon show is actually called twofold breaking by whale-watchers, yet bears an uncanny similarity to the postures struck by Germanys synchronized swimming couple at the Japan swimming titles prior this year.
The 45ft whales were little over 300ft from Johns watercraft at the point when they burst through the waves what’s more, into the air. Researchers accept one reason why humpbacks break is to convey with other whales, what’s more, they have to reach a speed of at slightest 18mph for their bodies to clear the water.
It is the to start with time in three a long time of shooting humpbacks that John, 54, has been fortunate enough to shoot such an uncommon spectacle.
The long-awaited event, he says, cleared out him breathless.

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