Thatcher’s protector dreaded that headrests in her limo could break her neck while she rested

Margaret Thatcher may have broadly survived on just four hours’ rest a night, be that as it may recently discharged government records recommend she may have made up for it by catnapping in the back of her official car.
Papers discharged by the National Files in Kew appear authorities moved toward becoming so concerned she could endure an damage in the event that the Daimler was constrained to brake while she was gesturing off, they masterminded for a custom-built headrest to be fitted to ensure her.
In September 1987, Sway Kingston in No 10 composed to advise her private office: ‘I am concerned that, at the point when the PM snoozes in the official car, the outline of the headrests is such that, far from supporting her head what’s more, neck, they cause her head to drop forward.
‘This is in itself hazardous, yet at the point when the auto is braked or, on the other hand turned, or, on the other hand there is a few other disturbance, she lifts her head extremely quickly, what’s more, this I am beyond any doubt will one day cause at minimum minor injury.’
He added: ‘I told the PM of my concern at Chequers last weekend. She concurred to the matter of a better outline of headrest being pursued.’
The records moreover uncover the horror among administrators at Puma Daimler at the point when Mrs Thatcher’s successor John Major, who endured from an old knee injury, recommended supplanting the heavily clad Daimler, which he found as well cramped.
In contrast, the official Wanderers utilized by the Government Auto Benefit were ‘definitely more roomy’ what’s more, he bounced at the prospect of a ‘stretched’ rendition which ‘could include another four inches to its length’.
Hearing the news, Gavin Thompson at Puma Daimler composed to a thoughtful MP, caution it would bargain a ‘catastrophic blow’ to the company.
‘The well known press would have a field day. Everyone in the nation what’s more, around the world has move toward becoming utilized to seeing our Prime Serve in a Daimler,’ he wrote.
Meanwhile, administrators at Rolls-Royce detected an opportunity.
Marketing executive Malcolm Hart composed to No 10 advertising to supply up to three Bentley Mulsanne S at a ‘nominal’ cost of 10,000 each – thought about with a list cost of 80,000 – in addition 70,000 for the cost of armouring.
‘Our autos are especially well suited to such utilize as they have bounty of inside space, can be entered what’s more, left easily, are well suited to armouring, are skilled of long-distance high-speed cruising what’s more, are, above all, basically English in character,’ he boasted.
Officials noted that, at a add up to cost of 80,000 per car, the bargain advertised a ‘significant money saving’ looked at with 110,000 for a completely reinforced extend Wanderer or, on the other hand for a 128,000 Daimler.
However, there were concerns for Mr Major’s broadly down-to-earth picture on the off chance that they went ahead.
Robin Catford in No 10 wrote: ‘The self-evident tangles are the suggestions of tolerating a cut-price bargain what’s more, the conceivable repercussions, in terms of the Prime Minister’s image, of moving up the quality auto range. The last mentioned has been rejected in the past: the previous is likely to be a extremely elusive slope.’
In the event, Mr Major chosen to stick with what he had, composing in a written by hand note: ‘Pl(ease) express much appreciated yet no change for presently at least.’

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