Natalie Wood gotten Robert Wagner tricking on her with a MAN, sister says

The sister of late on-screen character Natalie Wood has uncovered that her to start with marriage to Robert ‘RJ’ Wagner finished after she gotten him tricking on her with a man.
Lana Wood, 72, advertised the stunner disclosure in part three ofFatal Voyage: The Puzzling Passing of Natalie Wood, saying that her starlet sister gotten Wagner in the arms of another man inJune of 1961.
The 12-part sound narrative gives a point by point look into Natalie’s life by means of selective interviews with Hollywood insiders who observed her bloom as a youngster star, rocket to full-fledged popularity what’s more, at last meet an awkward demise while on a yacht with Wagner what’s more, Christopher Walken.
Natalie herself portrayed the end of her to begin with marriage in hidden dialect in a never-before-seen memoir, gotten by the producers of the podcast.
‘My marriage crumpled that weekend. It’s as well excruciating for me to review in print the episodes that driven to the last breakup,’ Natalie wrote.
‘It was more than the last straw. It was reality pulverizing the delicate web of sentimental dreams with heavy hammer force.’
Lana, in an meet for Deadly Voyage, advertised her memories of the events, which happened at the point when she was around 15 a long time old.
‘She strolled in, holding her hand, having a few kind of cloth,’ Lana recalled.
‘I don’t know in the event that it was a napkin from a eatery or, on the other hand what it was, dying what’s more, totally madly crying. A mess! A finish mess that I had not seen.’
‘I had never seen her that bad. I was inquired to clear out the room what’s more, that something awful happened what’s more, that Natalie was clearing out R.J.’
Lana continued: ‘It wasn’t until later, since I didn’t put all the signs what’s more, the hysterics together.’
‘It was as a matter of fact to a great degree irritating to me as a kid to see somebody who I thought was, you know, close to not being real.’
‘She was so close to being idealize with everything what’s more, to see her that upset what’s more, to see things like that was extremely troublesome for me. So I just kind of at the point when they said go to your room, I went what’s more, tuned it out completely.’
‘But it wasn’t until afterward that she said she gotten him with someone. What’s more, that somebody was another man.’
Wagner has never openly recognized as a homosexual. In 2014 the really popular performing artist Debbie Reynolds told the Transmit that everybody she dated in Hollywood was gay – ‘Everyone but Robert Wagner’.
However, there have been reports connecting an charged gay undertaking to the conditions of Wood’s death.
Natalie what’s more, Wagner’s separate in 1962 endured for ten years, until they remarried in 1972.
In 1981, the couple were on board the Magnificence for a end of the week watercraft trip to Santa clause Catalina Island. Performing artist Christopher Walken was too on board, as wasboat chief Dennis Davern.
Wagner has continuously told police that it is a puzzle how his previous spouse died. Her body was found in the water the day after she evidently wandered off the yacht in a dingy, irate after an argument.
In February, Wagner was named a individual of intrigue as the case. Analysts chosen to revive the case in 2011 after Dennis Davern, the captain, came forward to say he had lied about his explanations decades earlier.
He gave points of interest of the contention Natalie what’s more, Wagner had on the pontoon what’s more, while he would not ensnare Wagner directly, he recommended that her demise was not the pure mischance it showed up to have been.
The gathering had prior gone for supper on the island of Catalina where Davern guaranteed Wagner moved toward becoming irate at the locate of his spouse what’s more, Walken getting along at the bar.
Back on the Splendour, the seethe developed what’s more, in the end come about in an furious battle between Wagner what’s more, Natalie in their room, Davern said. Walken was in his claim room at the time, he claimed.
However, there have been reports recommending that the envy may not have been on Wagner’s part.
In 2013, the National Enquirer guaranteed to have revealed documentation – an official lifeguard log – which proposes that police at one time suspected that Wagner what’s more, Walken had locked in in a sexual act, what’s more, that Natalie may have strolled in on them.
The note, which is torn what’s more, unintelligible in parts, peruses ‘also known Chris Walken what’s more, Robert Wagner were locked in in sexual action in cab of boat… (illegible)…that Ms Woods found both of them together (illegible)…stated they took her away in a (illegible)…was the last time she was seen alive.’
The Los Angeles Province lifeguard, who worked with criminologists on the case, told The Enquirer he made the notes on the log after analysts told him that it was a situation that were considering as a conceivable rationale for any wrongdoing that might have been conferred on the boat.
Neither Wagner nor Walken has ever been charged in association with the case, what’s more, not one or the other has remarked freely since police said in February that Wagner was a individual of intrigue in Natalie’s death.
In one of his maybe a couple open remarks about the case, Walken told Individuals Magazine in 1986: ‘I dont know what happened… She slipped what’s more, fell in the water. I was in bed then. It was a loathsome thing. Look, were in a discussion I wont have. Its a f***ing bore.’
The Deadly Voyage podcast, facilitated by investigative columnist Dylan Wood, claims to have found ‘new confirm that recommends a bigger conspiracy’ in Natalie’s death.
Nine parts of the appear have however to be released.

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