Voyagers cause mayhem’ as they set up camp on Surrey site where the Magna Carta was marked

Explorers caused pandemonium in the heart of Center Britain being ousted from close Elton Johns home, as it were to migrate a mile away on the noteworthy site where Magna Carta was marked in 1215.
Driving a dozen white caravans, vans, quad bicycles what’s more, costly cars, the gathering set up camp on Englefield Green, Surrey. Claimed by the Queen, the green is close to whiz Johns 37-acre domain what’s more, Ruler Andrews nation home, the Illustrious Lodge.
Residents in the upmarket town of Runnymede revealed seeing quad bicycles speeding over the cricket pitch what’s more, mountains of garbage heaping up.
Runnymede Committee served a take note to clear out the next day yet had to take court activity at the point when it was ignored. An expulsion take note requested the explorers to clear out by 5.30pm on Friday.
The gathering at that point moved, be that as it may as it were a mile what’s more, a half away to a field which is home to the Magna Carta guests centre.
Last night the explorers had cleared out the site after being served with take note to take off by the police for a break of the peace.

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